It may seem a bit odd to view you, yourself as “prime day”, but have you thought about why we are seeing so many companies launch deals on this “Prime day(s)”?

We’ve all been cooped up, and are still being cooped up for the most part for 8 months and counting now. Some of us have continued to work, some of us on unemployment, some of us on medical leave, all the while, we can’t “spend” the hard earned coins we work for on “things”.

This inability to really “shop”, has caused companies to see significant falls in revenue and lost volume, while others have seen dramatic increase in consumption of their product — Slack, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube are just a few examples.

These massive sales drop is a short term “fall” that these big companies are now realizing that they were just “Priming” their consumer. This “PRIMED” consumer is YOU. They are going to be releasing deals from here to the end of the year, we are going to see articles online about how “Don’t buy these things on {holiday name} sale”, “{Deal} is the best one you will get this {Sales pitch day name}”, “Now is the time to buy your new TV”. Just take a look at this Wirecutter page — screenshot taken on October 14th!

Screenshot of the Wirecutters homepage
Screenshot of the Wirecutters homepage

These companies have realized that you are “Primed” to spend your hard earned cash. They are feeding you so many deals that they want you to believe this is the time to go and buy “what you’ve needed all year”. You’ve been saying you wanted that new TV even though your old TV is only 3 or 4 years old and perfectly fine, but its not the biggest, latest and greatest, and if you see that the TV you’ve been eye’ing is on sale for 40% off or more, you are likely to make that purchase because “you’ve saved money”. These companies know how to convince you to buy something you truly don’t NEED.

Coronavirus/COVID-19 has been priming you for these companies this entire time. These companies are looking at a GIANT money whale, and because Amazon — the absolute biggest player in the industry is marketing the living hell out of their “missed” prime day, all companies are jumping onboard because they know this day is going to reap them MASSIVE PROFITS and suck the life from the heart — YOU.

Don’t buy into “Prime Day”. Don’t give in to the these companies sleazy marketing tactics. Don’t spend your hard earned money on something you truly don’t need. A want is not a need. A want is not going to make you happier. It only covers the problems you are hiding.

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