It may seem a bit odd to view you, yourself as “prime day”, but have you thought about why we are seeing so many companies launch deals on this “Prime day(s)”?

We’ve all been cooped up, and are still being cooped up for the most part for 8 months and…

Blaire, my fiancee decided to head to Florida 2 weeks ago to help with the hurricane cleanup and left me here in Seattle to pursue other opportunities.

Well other opportunities fizzled out and no longer were worth pursuing. On top of this, Blaire decided she wanted to stay longer than…

Even homer doesn’t approve with this much stuff!

Living out of a backpack isn’t always easy. There is always a dilemma of what do you bring? Do you need 7 pairs of socks, 7 pairs of underwear?

When we started our 5 month journey, my backpack weighed around 35lbs, which over time, I got rid of things that…

Brighter Breeze

Sailor, DIY Enthusiast, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Activist, Environmentalist, Master of figuring it out. Writer @

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